2020 Traditional Ballad Singing Competition

The 2020 competition took place on February 15, 2020. If you would like to learn more about the annual Traditional Ballad Singing Competition for Students that Lynn organizes with her sister Karen Haffner at South Shore Folk Music Club in Duxbury, Massachusetts, please click on this link and watch this space for updates. 

Stage performances:
  - benefit concerts
  - coffeehouses
  - festivals

Fun, informative programs for:
  - elder housing
  - nursing homes
  - libraries
  - historical societies
  - museums
  - organizations

House concerts and workshops:
  - Irish/Scottish traditional songs
  - History of Music Hall with songs
  - Camp Songs
  - Traditional English, Irish and Scottish ballads
  - Getting Started with Folk Songs

Bedside concerts:
for your elder loved ones
for housebound loved ones
for loved ones in hospice care

Lynn Feingold
Traditional English, Irish and Scottish Songs
and The Old Howard Troupe

Photo by Ula Flugelsang.