For 27 years, Lynn performed monthly at Blanchard's Colonial Tavern in Avon, Massachusetts. Now that the Tavern is closed, she performs regularly with The Old Howard Troupe.

She has performed extensively in New England including many special performances for historical societies, fraternal organizations, women's clubs and coffeehouses.
Here are some of her favorites:

- South Shore Folk Music Club, Kingston, MA
- Coffeehouse off the Square, Hingham, MA
- Emergency Food Pantry Coffeehouse, Rockland, MA
- Community Center dedication, Long Island, ME
- Marshfield Hills Arts Festival, Marshfield, MA
- Rosemary Inn, Wareham, MA
- Heritage Day, Thayer House Museum, Braintree, MA
- Paul Revere House, Boston, MA
- Mayflower Society
- Long Island Music Festival, Long Island, Maine
- private house parties




Lynn may be hired to sing one song or many, depending upon the client's needs.  Her performance will include Irish, English and Scottish folk and traditional songs and ballads, performed unaccompanied in her strong soprano voice. Many of these traditional songs have messages that are obscure to the modern audience, so Lynn will briefly explain these hidden meanings before performing the songs.

Because she is unencumbered by song books, music stands, amps and instruments, Lynn is highly portable and has performed on stage as well as on warm hearths, freezing streetcorners, tiny dining rooms, and vast ballrooms.

Lynn commands her audience's attention with her wit, high energy and good humor.  She knows how to have a good time and how to draw her audience into the fun.

Since many of these songs were sung in taverns, her broad repertoire includes some songs of a bawdy nature.  "Know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink?"  A consultation with the client ahead of time will be used to set the tone of the performance.

Lynn performing as "Ula Flugelsang" with The Old Howard Troupe at NEFFA Festival in 2019 - photo by Charlie Ipcar.

Lynn performing as "The Tavern Wench" - photo by Carmen Hale